Kimberly "Kealoha" Selden

Passionate. Attentive. Creative and Real.

Speaking Topics

Topics titles listed below will be tailored to your specific event and special needs.

LIVING THE DREAM:  Enabling the Disabled to Reach Their Potential                       

Find hope to live again and reach your long-forgotten goals. Learn to dream again. Yes, you can! Kimberly will saturate your soul with stirring stories that will make you believe in your future. Live your purpose!  (for disabled persons and general audiences)

BECOMING A DREAM CATCHER:  Hope and Helps for Spouses and Caregivers of the Disabled (for those who serve the disabled)

BRINGING THE DREAM HOME:  Recommending Policies and Plans for Disabilities in Your Neighborhood (for general audiences and civic groups)

PERPETUATING THE DREAM:  Starting a Helps Ministry in Your State or Country (for ministry and civic leaders)

OVERCOMING SHATTERED DREAMS:  Kimberly's Story, The Devil Dances a Jig (for women only)

THE ULTIMATE DREAM:  Overcoming Spiritual Disabilities and Living Forever (general audiences)