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New Beginnings to being Just Like Me!

Posted by kimberlyselden on January 7, 2011 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I spoke the most amazing women, her name is Heidi.  Only bummer is that she lives in Idaho and I live in Hawaii.  I know we do have todays technology but still it would be great if we were living closer.

She has the same hair color, is tall and has Multiple Sclerosis just like me!  How wonderul is that?  Her handicap from the MS is that she is cognitively challenaged.  Again, just like me!  She has some physical challenges but 90% is cognitive and is just like me!

The even greater part of all this is that she wants to become a published auther and speaker.  Again do I say it? Yes, just like me!  Go figure, right?  We have so many things in common it's too exciting.  We have each other now to talk to and we know that each other just gets it, this is so important. 

We have so many plans for our future, so we need to buckle down and fine tune our priorities or we might just end up writing a book 1000 pages long and that would be really boring for you to read I'm sure.

Anyhow I thought I would start blogging about this advendture and see where it goes. 

Remember: "Always look forward and never backwards, look up not down and know that there is alway hope right around the corner"!  Strive to be hopeful and not helpless.

Happy reading,